The answer is yes, and no. 

Typically, USPS will update tracking information in realtime or at least the same day. But there are also instances wherein it may take between 24-72 hrs to update tracking information. Contributing factors could be but are not limited to weather conditions, courier errors, a higher volume of shipments, especially during holidays, etc. 

However, if your renewal or your order goes through on a Thursday, Friday or a weekend, you may find that your tracking number wouldn’t update until the following Monday or Tuesday. Orders are generally processed within 3-7 business days and would leave the warehouse soon after.

Even if your tracking number is not showing any updates, likely, the package is currently in transit from one place to another, but that update could only be seen at a later time, or worse, a few days after. This is something that is totally out of our control and is more on the postal service’s side of things.

There might be challenges on USPS’s end that are preventing them from being able to ship or from being able to update tracking information on time such as weather conditions, courier errors, a higher volume of shipments especially during holidays, state or national government-ordered halting of shipping operations, etc

International Customers

Tracking numbers will be provided for international orders. Tracking for international shipments does stop after arriving in Bell, CA, the global shipping hub of the United States Postal Service, and the last stop for your package in the States before it leaves for your country. 

As soon as your package gets to your country, the responsibility of shipping then shifts to your country’s local mail carrier. In most cases, customers would be able to see tracking information picking up right from their local mail carrier’s website. 

In some cases, updates on the tracking can be found on the USPS website, and that is heavily dependent on whatever country the order is to be shipped out to.

There are some countries that do not have capabilities for digital tracking, so expect that you might not see any updates at all on the tracking information although normally, the packages are on route and they usually make it to the recipient. All this may take between 3-4 weeks. Gotta keep a little patience, optimism, and faith there!

NOTE: If it is taking longer than expected for you to receive your order, (5 business days for domestic orders, 4 weeks for international ones) then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here