No worries! This can happen for a few different reasons, however the two most common are lack of available funds, and a card becoming expired. If you're unsure exactly what amount the charge for your renewal is, ZampleBox customer support can find that out for you!

If your card was expired, you can actually update your payment method on our site!

We have an automated billing system which will try to renew your subscription once on your renewal date, and again the following day. If it can't go through that time, it tries the next Friday. If the transaction can't be completed after that 3rd attempt, the subscription becomes expired, but it's easy to reinstate your subscription or make a new one.

If your card was issued outside of the United States, please be aware that in rare cases your financial institution may prevent a purchase or renewal from taking place. If you suspect this may be happening, we recommend reaching out to the ZampleBox customer support team and/or your financial institution to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Once our system initiates the renewal attempt for your subscription you CANNOT change your nicotine level, ZampleBox type, or flavor profile.