ZampleBox is the first and original e-liquid membership service. Every month we send a box full of the best vaping liquids to your door! We make it fun and easy for you to find your next "all day vape"!

ZampleBox is incredibly simple, fun and easy to use!

1. Head to and start customizing your ZampleBox

2. Select which type of flavors you'd like to sample

3. Select the size of your box: Silver (3 bottles), Gold (6 bottles) or Platinum (11 bottles)

4. Select your nicotine level (If you're interested in nic salts check this out)

5. Purchase your box!

You do not have to be a subscriber to the monthly curated ZampleBox in order to be a ZampleBox member. If you're a vaper who prefers to buy individual bottles instead of the monthly curated box, you can easily sign up for our Wholesale membership. With the introduction of ZB Wholesale, ZampleBox has become the world’s first and largest wholesale vape club. By becoming a ZB Wholesale member, you’ll get access to a huge selection of the best vaping liquids at wholesale prices. You can shop liquids in the ZB Wholesale Store and order when you please. This service is FREE with your delicious Zamplebox if you choose to have the best of both worlds!

Shipping is fast! We'll ship your order within 1-2 business days, and orders within the domestic US generally arrive within 3-5 days following that. Soon you'll be enjoying a delicious assortment of e-liquid flavors from the best brands! It's the ultimate way for you to discover your next favorite vaping liquids! The date you place your order is your billing date and then, to make it easy, we rebill you ever 30 days after that date!

How ZampleBox Got Started

Tony, the founder of ZampleBox, started the company after getting sick and tired of wasting money paying full retail prices for vaping liquids that he turned out not to like. He would listen to reviews online and see people saying how much they loved an e-liquid, but then after he ordered it and tried it... he would hate it. This is when he realized there had to be a better way. A service needed to exist that would curate the e-liquids sent to you and only give you the best e-liquids for 70% off retail value- this is the original ZampleBox monthly subscription. This way, even if you only love half of the liquids sent to you, you are still saving money!