ZampleBox curates and features an exciting new rotation of products. This discovery process means that we are always adding new products and improving the selection for our amazing members. Due to the fact that we feature hot and popular products, it means our inventory is always changing and being refreshed.

In order to be able to offer the world's best prices, we work with USA vape companies to produce very large runs of products to minimize the cost and maximize your value. This means it can take extra time to re-stock certain products and we tend to just restock the most popular flavors in large quantities.


  • There will be times where you would not be able to find the same juice you were able to reserve last month or that you supposedly reserved that specific flavor, but a day or two before your renewal date, you get a notification that it has run out of stock. 

  • We have a running inventory, so even though there is a wide variety of flavors we put up in the reserve bottle options, there is a minimal amount of bottles available for that purpose. It's a first-come, first-serve basis, so whoever has a renewal date that's sooner will have better chances of getting their reserved flavors on their box.

  • The stocks vary in nicotine strength, so a flavor that you're not able to find in a 3mg box might be available in a 6mg box or vice versa.

  • Expect that might see a completely different set of flavors available for reserve from this month to the next. Besides the fact that we have a running inventory, we want you to have a wide variety of flavors to choose from as well in the hopes that you might find new ADV juices as you go along.


  • We procure our products from vape manufacturers all over the United States. We rely on these companies to keep us in stock with the flavors you love. We do not have set timelines as to when we could restock certain juices because it would all depend on the supplier companies to do production runs for us.

  • If you're after your favorite flavor tags and don't care too much about brands, then you can do a keyword search over the website and see for yourself a wide variety of brands offering flavor tags of your liking and who knows, you might find new brands you will fall in love with!


  1. Look for the search bar on the site menu right at the top of the page.

  2. Type in the keyword for your favorite flavor tag.

  1. Browse through hundreds or thousands of e-juices available! Place an order. Try them out!

NOTE: If you’re looking for a specific juice brand and can’t find it in our catalogue. You may request for it here. We will review your requests and compile it along with others’ and if we get enough, we might just reach out to that juice brand and start bringing in their juices to our store!