Pricing of CBD is not based on ML, it is based on MG of CBD.  In the above examples you would most likely pay the same for 30 ML and 10 ML bottle containing 1000 MG of CBD and less for the 30 ML with 500 MG.  Industry pricing is based on MG of CBD and not the size of the bottle. Pricing on other products like edibles and creams work in the same manner. Always about the MG of CBD. Thus far, the leading product in the industry has been tinctures (Liquid placed under the tongue and then swallowed) Sublingual tinctures began the industry. This has shifted drastically as the farm bill has passed and vapes, topical, edibles, pet products and several other categories are now open to the market

1000 MG / 30ML bottle would be 33.3 MG per serving (1000MG / 30ML)

500 MG / 30ML bottle would be 16.66 MG per serving (500MG / 30ML)

1000 MG / 10ML bottle would be 100 MG per serving (1000MG /10ML)

-Sublingual (ingest able)


Vape/Tincture Crossovers



PG Based Vape Juices


MCT Oil Vape





Dried Fruits/Niche



Tinctures (Once taken Sublingual, these can be considered edible)

5 Hour Energy Shot Type

CBD Water

Pet Treats

Pill Capsules


Pet Edibles

Pet Sprays

Pet Topicals

Pet Tinctures






Roll-On Freezes

Topical Oils

Massage Oil

Spa Oil

-Make Up

Lip Balm


Face Masks

Lip Butter

Face Butter

Face Serum



-Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD products contain all parts of the hemp plant intact. This means all cannabinoids are present in the final product including but not limited to CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC, CBN, THC, D9-THC and many more. This is thought to be the most effective form of CBD by some. Full Spectrum can be present in virtually all CBD products however they are most common in Topicals and Tinctures.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum CBD is nearly identical to Full Spectrum save for the fact that sometimes certain chemicals are removed from the final product. For all intents and purposes, Broad Spectrum is the same thing as Full Spectrum. Broad Spectrum is more a marketing term pushing certain benefits of CBD from a front-end perspective. (Example: Sleep Formula, Anxiety Formula etc)


Isolates are products that solely contain CBD. This can be offered in Tinctures, Vape Cartridges, Isolate powder and shatter products. Isolates do not contain THC or any other cannabinoid.