Do I have to clean my PCC?

Your PCC should not need much maintenance or cleaning, but we do recommend a wipe down every so often and getting a cotton swab and cleaning the inside once in a while especially if you work in things like construction, fabrication of any sort, etc. 

How long does the charge last?

This really depends on how much you use the device and how much you vape, it will defiantly last you through your day but we recommend charging your PCC once a day. 

What is the best way to store my PCC?

We would advise that you keep it in your pocket, keep it away from extreme cold or extreme heat. Other than that we advise to carry this everywhere hence why it is a portable charging case. 

How do I know if my charging case is defective? 

You will be able to tell right away if your charging case is defective, it will not function as intended or it just will not turn on, if you have any issues with your PCC please contact customer support for further assistance. 

Below is a quick guide on how to use your portable charging case and all the details you will need to know before using your portable charging case, this quick guide comes with your portable charging case's box: