My ABAY pod is leaking when I use it?

Minor leaking from your ABAY Pods is not uncommon, and is often caused by simple condensation. If your ABAY Pod is a bit damp you can continue to use it, but wipe off the liquid before inserting back into your device. Condensation can occur due to temperature and pressure changes to the pods while in transit or from the airflow being blocked during use. It's usually very minimal and expected. This normal condensation will not impede the function of the pod. 

There was some moisture on the inside of my ABAY Pod pack. What should I do?

A little condensation in normal during shipping, just wipe the pod down with a dry paper towel. Try to avoid direct contact with the liquid. If you get any liquid on your skin simply wash thoroughly with soap and water. If you receive a pod that seems half full, empty, or has signs that it’s leaked significantly please contact customer service for a replacement via our support page

What if device is damaged in transit?

If your ABAY product arrives damaged or defective please contact our support team via the support page for assistance.