Q: What is ZB Wholesale? 

A: ZB Wholesale is the world’s first and largest wholesale vape club. By becoming a ZB Wholesale member, you’ll get access to a curated selection of the best vaping liquids at wholesale prices. You can shop liquids in the ZB Wholesale Store and order when you please. Or, for lower prices, convenient monthly delivery and a curated vaping experience you can subscribe to one of our famous ZampleBoxes. Just tell us what you love and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: How much is a ZB Wholesale Membership?

A: A ZB Wholesale Membership is $9.99 a month and gives you access to shop at zamplebox.com (the largest members-only wholesale vape club) and purchase monthly curated ZampleBoxes.  The best part of ZB Wholesale is that it is free for Box Subscribers!

Q: Does this change the cost of my Monthly ZampleBox?

A: Nope! The $9.99 has been included for free with your subscription.  We appreciate all our monthly box subscribers and wanted them to also enjoy the wholesale store on us! If you are subscribed to a monthly ZampleBox check out the store on us. Below is the breakdown of the prices.

  • ZB Wholesale = $9.99 (Included FREE with all subscription boxes, see below)

  • 3 bottle ZampleBox = $23.99 + shipping ($7.09 for US, $9.99 international)

    • Includes ZB Wholesale for free ($9.99/month value)

  • 6 bottle ZampleBox = $33.99 + shipping ($7.09 for US, $15.99 international)

    • Includes ZB Wholesale for free ($9.99/month value)

  • 11 bottle ZampleBox = $53.99 + shipping ($7.09 for US, $15.99 international)

    • Includes ZB Wholesale for free ($9.99/month value)

Q: Why do you now require a ZB Wholesale Membership ($9.99/mth) to shop at ZampleBox?

A: Since our prices to our members are now equal to or better than wholesale rates that business buy at, we are required to give you a wholesale membership and have you pay for said membership. Think of it like having a Costco® membership!

Q: How much is shipping for Wholesale orders?

A: Domestic US Shipping: $6.99 flat rate

    International Shipping:

  • 0 lbs - 1 lbs = $9.99 (most orders fall here)

  • 1lbs - 2lbs = $15.99

  • 2lbs - 3lbs = $19.99

  • 3-4 = $24.99

  • 4-5 = $29.99

  • It increases by $5 for every pound…. You get the idea

Q: Can I cancel the ZB Wholesale Membership?

A: Yes, you can cancel at anytime on your account page. However, doing so will prevent you from being able to make any purchases. This means if you cancel your ZB Wholesale Membership, you will no longer be able to receive a monthly ZampleBox. 

Q: Does the Wholesale Membership renew monthly?

A: Yes, the wholesale membership will automatically renew every month at $9.99. The renewal will take place 30 days after the date you sign up. 

Q: Can you get ZB Wholesale without a Subscription ZampleBox?

A: Yes! Just add a product to your cart and select the “Become a ZB Wholesale Member” checkbox at checkout to become a ZB Wholesale Member.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for purchases with my ZB Wholesale Membership?

A: Nope! This is one of the best parts of being a ZB Wholesale Member. You can order 1 bottle if you’d like. However, we highly recommend buying in larger quantities so that you’ll save on shipping. Shipping is a flat $6.99 for domestic US orders, which means that if you buy $100 of vape juice, you’re only paying about 6% in shipping costs. If you’re a business and you order $1,000 of product, that’s only 0.7% in shipping costs! Buy more, save more!

Q: Do you need a ZB Wholesale Membership to order from ZampleBox?

A: Yes, think of us like a wholesale club. You pay a small monthly fee to become a member and then you have full access to the benefits of being a member. This includes 30ml bottles for less than $5 with our monthly ZampleBoxes and wholesale pricing on thousands of the most popular vape juices in our ZB Wholesale Store. Since our prices are so low, we’re required to only let paying ZB Members receive our benefits. 

Q: Where can I purchase a ZB Wholesale Membership?

A: At checkout.  Just add the products that you would like to buy to your cart and follow the instructions at checkout.

Q: I am a brick and mortar store. Is ZB Wholesale for me?

A: Absolutely!  ZB Wholesale offers the most carefully selected e-liquid products at wholesale rates with fast shipping and all of the consumer data you need to get the real scoop on what your customers are loving and buying.

Q: Is ZB Wholesale available for International vapers?

A: Of course!  ZB Wholesale prices are the same for domestic and international members.  If you would like to see our international shipping costs please see above.

Q: What are some other benefits of a ZB Wholesale Membership?

A: Besides getting the best prices on e-liquid there are some other awesome benefits! We offer 5% back on each purchase in ZBucks. After earning a total of $25 ZBucks, you will unlock your ZBucks and can begin using them on all of your purchases at ZampleBox. 

Q: Why are 15mls being discontinued? 

A: With 30ml prices getting better and better many in the industry have been moving away from 15mls. Manufacturers are no longer providing 15mls as they used to. It actually costs almost as much for our partners to make special batches of 15ml bottles for us as it is for them to make 30ml bottles (since they don't make them for anyone else most of the time!) so by moving to 30ml bottles we are able to stock and send you better products and brands and have more variety at any given time.

Here at ZampleBox we pride ourselves in providing amazing quality, great price, and even better variety. So we thought….Why not go bigger and better? By offering our new 30ml option Members will be able to get even better value while zampling the best brands and flavors on the market. The vaping industry is always changing and ZampleBox will continue to make adjustments to create the best vaping experience around!  

Q: Why was I auto-upgraded to a 30ml box?

A: Since the industry has been moving away from 15ml’s we realized in order to provide the best quality, variety and value a 30ml subscription is needed. This is actually great news for Members! We have attempted to give our current 15ml subscribers several options in preparation for this switch and alerted them via email, social media posts, and even on a card inside the box. If you think this is too much juice for you we have options to get the same price and same amount of ml’s (sometimes more) via downgrading. Most members are keeping the subscription as is and getting twice the amount of juice for a fraction of the price. 

Price breakdown: 

  • ZB Wholesale = $9.99 (Included FREE with all subscription boxes, see below)

  • 3 bottle ZampleBox = $23.99 + shipping ($7.09 for US, $9.99 international)

    • Includes ZB Wholesale for free ($9.99/month value)

  • 6 bottle ZampleBox = $33.99 + shipping ($7.09 for US, $15.99 international)

    • Includes ZB Wholesale for free ($9.99/month value)

  • 11 bottle ZampleBox = $53.99 + shipping ($7.09 for US, $15.99 international)

    • Includes ZB Wholesale for free ($9.99/month value)

We understand that discontinuing a popular product is a difficult thing to do, so we hope any members who have questions or issues with this will stay in touch with us throughout that transitional period. We want to help!