Yes, it's now possible to reserve specific flavors. After you sign up as a ZampleBox member, you will be able to select up to 1/3rd of the juices in your first box, and each month you remain active, a new slot opens up. To use this feature, simply follow the 'My Next Box' link from the user dashboard or go to the Flavor Bible and start checking out the juices.

where to find the 'My Next Box' link

On the Flavor Bible page, you will find an “In Stock” checkbox- when used, this will only display juices currently available in our inventory. The flavors that you choose for your box will be reserved and taken out of inventory to be packed with your Zamplebox! 

'My Next Box' page

(Please Note: This only becomes available after you make your first order, this will not work on your very first order with us)

PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel your subscription, this will reset the number of available reservation slots you have earned!

If you change your nicotine strength, your reserved flavors will be removed! Any changes made to your ZampleBox subscription on or after the day your subscription renews, your changes will be applied on the next future renewal (NOT YOUR CURRENT BOX). If you are unsure about any changes that you have made or would like to make on your account, let us know online by submitting a support ticket here