ZampleBox subscriptions automatically renew every month for your convenience (unless you deactivate). If your renewal date comes up and the payment fails, you'll receive a notification from us encouraging you to update your payment info so we can send your box!

Sometimes, the reason for this is obvious- a card becomes expired or funds are not available. Other times, it's not obvious. If you know that your card has funds and that it is not expired, but you're getting declined charges anyway, the best first step is to log in to your account and re-apply your payment information, even if nothing has changed.

It could also be that the issuing bank (the bank that issued your card) is declining the charges. We see this occur mostly with international members, and it's usually because the bank just wants to be sure that this purchase is something you've authorized. If this occurs, your bank can lift the block if you get in touch with them.

In very rare cases, it could happen that ZampleBox is not able to use your form of payment anymore. This typically occurs with certain kinds of payment, such as gift cards, prepaid cards, or payroll cards. Lean more about the forms of payment we're able to accept here- How can I pay for my ZampleBox?