When you first set up your ZampleBox subscription, after putting in your initial flavor settings, eventually you end up on the checkout screen. On the right side of this screen you will see fields for personal, payment and address information, and the Order Summary is shown on the left. 

Underneath the Total there is a link that says "Have a coupon?", and when you click it the coupon field will appear. 

If the coupon was typed incorrectly or was expired, you receive a message at the top of the page. Please note that coupons are case-sensitive.

If you add your coupon code and click 'Apply', please make sure the discount is reflected in the Order Summary before clicking Checkout!

PLEASE NOTE: Right now coupons may only be used on new subscriptions, but if you have a coupon you would like to use on your pre-existing subscription, let us know online by submitting a support ticket here and we will help you out!